Facial recognition

Facial recognition has become a new method of secure authentication for mobile phones. You can unlock your smartphone just by looking at it. Although fingerprint is still the most used way of authentication in mobile phones, face recognition is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance. Much of the credit goes to Apple who introduced the iPhone X that ditched the fingerprint scanner in lieu of a face recognition mechanism which they call the Face ID.

Yay, how convenient is that! And it can also tailor your buying behaviour for you!

In general, those countermeasures also useful against CCTV and other facial recognition devices:

  • Camouflage from face detection - This CV Dazzle project will be updated soon with new looks aimed at new algorithms. An open source face detection toolkit is being developed. Estimated release in February 2018. In the meantime, everything here is designed for the OpenCV haarcascade face detection algorithm.
  • The CV Dazzle protocols were developed to thwart face detection by OpenCV, which uses the Viola Jones method. The looks shown in How to Hide from Machines were also tested and validated against Facebook’s PhotoTagger, Google’s Picasa, and eblearn.
  • Use crochet masks for all other detection algorithms: In Yo' Face, Facial Recognition!
  • Wear a balaclava (Limited edition of 333 pieces, get it now!)
  • And if not for that, a burka could do the trick.