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Coalition building

The potential cast of people/organisations needed to move the idea from conception to successful sustainable deployment.

  • Problem solvers: People that feel inspired by going for a strong purpose such as supporting (W)HRD, Land Rights and Earth Rights Defenders and want to reduce the colourful campaign idea to practice. They love to solve problems and putting solutions in tangible useful forms.
  • Gate keepers are people with “bleeding-edge” information. Can be (W)HRD, Land, Nature and Earth rights defenders, lawyers, NGO’s, security researchers, anyone who can provide us with information that can serve as the initial context in which a campaign can grow.
  • Champions are people enthusiastically advocating on behalf of the idea and deployment. These provide legitimacy. They are a bridge between conventional infrastructures and unconventional infrastructures.
  • Sponsors have resources (money, equipment or human resources) and apply those towards the development of an idea. Can be a single person in an organisation or an entire organisation. The knowledge and technology is often taken as a given. They want to know who will use colourful teaming campaigns, what alternatives there are, what it brings, and who we are, anyway?
  • Stakeholders are the often forgotten player. Not by us. What can we do more to help defenders in a high risk environment to reduce risks?

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