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There is no such thing as absolute security. The bad guys are always researching and developing new ways to prey on slow-moving organisations. Red teaming propels organisations forward to stay apace with those who would do them harm and to ensure constant preparedness to face the evolving security challenges that lie ahead.

We propose to adopt and adapt red teaming campaigns to colourful teaming campaigns with and for (W)HRD, Land, Nature and Earth rights defenders. The scope of our work may vary, and we can organise campaigns to:

  • Build detection and incident response teams with (at least partly) (W)HRD, Land, Nature and Earth rights defenders themselves.
  • Strengthen support networks for (W)HRD, Land, Nature and Earth rights defenders.
  • Challenge a HRD organisation’s assumptions and identify faulty logic or flawed security analysis.
  • Assess the strength of the evidence base or the quality of existing information with grounded information.
  • Test used systems, network, applications and more through the eyes of an adversary.
  • Understand the options for an adversary to break into and move throughout the system.

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