Targeted surveillance

These pages are handouts under development for mitigating risks in a grounded manner.

Targeted surveillance is not some “illusionary paranoia”. For example, land defenders around the world are increasingly being targeted with surveillance, harassment, infiltration, intimidation, threats of murder and rape, and actual rape and murder by corporations that are grabbing land, oil, water and minerals, laying pipelines, all so that those that have can continue a luxurious lifestyle. Much of the technology (and perhaps some of the information) used in these practices comes from the military.

In most cases, there is no way of knowing whether an individual communication is being monitored. Because it is so easy to monitor communications and it happens so often, it is best to assume that any communication which contains information of potential value to another person, organisation, corporation or country, may be monitored.

  • Do not discuss or even allude indirectly to sensitive subjects over the telephone, fax or the internet. No double-talk, double-speak or talking around a sensitive subject. It may fool a casual eavesdropper, but is generally ineffective when someone is monitoring all your communications.
  • If you must use communication devices, secure all sensitive communications as best as you can.

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