Somatic surveillance

Somatic surveillance is the increasingly invasive technological monitoring of and intervention into body functions. Within this type of surveillance regime, bodies are recast as nodes on vast information networks, enabling corporeal control through remote network commands, automated responses, or self-management practices ~ Somatic Surveillance: Corporeal Control through Information Networks (pdf)

Seen too many terminator movies?

Nanotechnology in the Military: The Ministry of Defence in the UK has predicted that technologies such as medical nanobots and nano-enhanced reconnaissance and communication devices (such as micro-radar for miniature vehicles) will begin to be used from 2030 onwards:

Portable, efficient sensors will be highly valuable to military field operatives, for example:
  • Highly sensitive infrared thermal sensors
  • Small, lightweight accelerometers and GPS for motion and position sensing
  • Miniature high performance camera systems
  • Biochemical sensors
  • Health-monitoring sensors and drug/nutrition delivery systems

Seems like these somatic surveillance systems abstract bodies and physiological systems from social contexts, facilitating hyper-individualised control and the commodification of life functions.