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Before giving us tips

How our process works, how we protect anonymity and confidentiality, what you would be consenting to, your legal rights, and our recommendations for how to keep yourself as safe as possible when contributing?

Make sound decisions

Bias and discrimination

The models used are opaque, use is officially regulated in Europe by the GDPR (but public authorities and civil society struggle to apply its rules in concrete ways), and the results of the models are mostly incontestable …


Influencing elections

European elections 2019 are coming up and we are looking at GDPR abuses, personal profile markets, and wish to gain more insights on how political campaigning and propaganda weaponize politicians' messages.

Are we being targeted?

Whistleblower workplace retaliation

You have contributed a tip on wrongdoings, and now face harassment by your employer and/or are being met by an increasingly hostile environment on the job, or had your job terminated?

More on that

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