Windows security

“Windows Security Alert” is a fake system security software that is considered a Rogue. As well as causing unwanted redirects, this type of adware collects various data relating to Internet browsing activity and delivers intrusive online advertisements. The “Windows Security Alert” error message states that the computer has been infected and that private details (email logins, banking details, etc.) are at risk. It is emphasised that the 'problem' must be solved immediately by calling some toll-free telephone number for a Windows Helpdesk, and an “OK” button that many people automatically click, or it provides a link to “scan” your computer and remove the risk. Clicking will only result in additional viruses infecting your computer.

And then there are fakes on the fake imploring you to install their “removal software” (a trojan), and again, fakes on the fakes on the fakes. The programs that use fake Windows Security Center are classified by many security blogs as Multi-Rogues and Multi-Rogue Defender will act like an actual anti-malware program but can’t detect real PC threats. To overcome this deficit, Multi-Rogue Defender will display several types of pop-up alerts, including some that imitate Windows features, all of which display inaccurate information about the presence of spyware, Registry attacks and other PC threats.


Use legitimate anti-malware products to remove Rogue, Multi-Rogue and/or Multi-Rogue Defender infections. Remove with Free Bitdefender (Windows, Mac, Android), Free version of Sophos home (Windows, Mac), Kaspersky Free (Windows), or Avira Free Antivirus (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS), to name but a few possibilities.