Malware detection

Overcome any embarrassment. Getting cooties can happen to the best. Plus embarrassment doesn't work, it lacks the head, hands and keyboard.

  • Pop-ups appear on your computer or in your web browser unexpectedly and without warning
  • Your web browser homepage has changed by itself
  • Additional toolbars appear in your web browser
  • The machine is slow and uses a lot of resources, even after a restart and without other programs running
  • Strange programs are requesting permission to install other programs or access parts of your computer
  • You have lost permission and access to critical parts of the operating system
  • Access to your computer is locked behind a ransomware message with a demand for payment to unlock
  • Any behaviour that seems odd

Not every type of malware will reveal itself through odd forms of behaviour. The most sophisticated malware will have almost no discernable impact, as they are designed to hide and steal data for as long as possible before detection.

These are some excellent tools (and no, not getting paid for mentioning these):