Every citizen on this planet is subject to some sort of surveillance. This includes information that does not, by itself, identify individuals, but sits in various databases until analysts do a search for a particular word. There are important details about these programs that need to be filled in. A large amount of information is supposedly already in the public domain but consists mainly of presentations with a kazillion names in 'em (that can easily be altered). The many eyes and dragnet pages attempt to make sense of the alphabet soup and spaghetti in mass surveillance. Big Brother watching us is closely related to censorship issues, if we let it.

Journalists and observers working on reporting on projects like national security, leaks, environmental issues, activist coverage, demonstration coverage, waste and abuse in governments, human rights, crime, may be targeted by state and private actors, in which data gathered by the dragnet may also be used. Targeted surveillance scenarios where people are being followed (and harassed, intimidated, socially and economically ruined, arrested and/or killed) is quite another story and requires way more than installing and using some digital security on our machines.