In universities around the world, interdisciplinary study is all the rage and disrupts traditional disciplinary boundaries. New phenomenological research is also on the rise. It is hard not to feel that such studies are a pseudo-intellectual cover for avoiding the truly pressing issues, not just of our times, but long-standing issues that have been ignored and are coming to a head in our time: Ecological devastation, the depoliticisation of public life, the privatisation of public resources: many of these new scientific discourses have little or nothing to say about such matters. Yet not all confrontations with the current age are apolitical.

Smart cities: Lorem Ipsum Futures

“Social imaginary”, the a priori notions through which people frame their world, has also been taking scientific minds by storm. But how does one explore this “social imaginary”?

The approach here is to take an excellent research example where it is applied, Smart cities as socio-technical imaginary, learn from its ways, and then apply it to some “thing” else, in this case for changing our own free technology and maker space narratives, to not fall into that same trap (again).