Emmentaler pigeonholes

Emmental is a type of Swiss cheese that melts well and features a nutty, buttery flavor. It's one of two main kinds of cheese used for making fondue. Emmental has walnut-sized holes. The internet is like that. With extra holes.

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The emmentaler-cheese-with-extra-holes news as I read it, on occasion with some comment.

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The very matter

And what resources shall we use for those imagined futures?

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Every citizen on this planet is subject to some sort of surveillance, and the control freaks are having a party!

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What can we do?

Some of what petty tyrants do can be done in more “ethical” ways, without taking someone else's power and without giving our own power away.

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Social engineering

Since the dawn of time, humans have relied on social abilities to survive, thrive, and ensure the continuation of … Ummm, mostly their own personal rank, status, reputation, and more.

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Our bodies have freedom to move, to stop moving, to rest, and to change itself (I definitely need a haircut). A healthy mind has the freedom to choose to change what has been chosen, to choose again, the same or differently.

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Alias “WTF are they imagining now for the future”. Also, “WTF are we imagining for the future” and “WTF am I imagining for the future”.

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Laws, conventions and agreements

A transition from covertly and illegally built power to overtly legalised power for intelligence agencies? Is that it?

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