Search engine evaluations

My search results are catalogued and referenced. When I do searches, I am bombarded by advertisements that seemingly reference my previous search preferences. The algorithms are way beyond understanding for most. On top of that, search engine security is one of the most poorly understood aspects of search engines and because they implement vulnerable security policies, search engines are excellent tools for helping hackers to attack machines anonymously, search for easy targets or gather confidential data. Time to understand, evaluate and choose again?

Note: Search engines can not be held responsible for the huge numbers of poorly configured and insecure machines in the Emmenthaler cheese with extra pigeonholes, but can be held responsible for continuing to provide easy ways to locate weak and penetrable machines.

Evaluation criteria

Some of the questions cannot be answered for every search engine evaluated and different contexts and engines require different answers. Still, these are good for a start.


How search engines work?

Baffled by search engines and how they work?

Let’s dig in