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Big Book of Bots

Bots are fun. Bots are great. Bots are invaluable. Friend Computer says so. The Big Book of Bots details these tireless servants of Alpha Complex. Now you too can have these marvelous, mechanical marvels with their often completely inappropriate programming more heavily involved in your campaign.

And remember that they are valuable Computer property - just because the assigned warbot has gone dangerously berserk does not mean it can be just blasted to pieces as someone will be held responsible for the damage caused. Remember: Bots are fun!

Interesting interfaces out of the box

Itsabot Huginn Beehive
Training API that accepts natural language inputs (but requires set-up of a shared server) clustered deployment
Email Send emails
Twilio Sending and receiving of SMS to and from mobile phones
Telegram Use of Telegram's API and bots
Simplepush Send push notifications to Android
Jabber Send events to a Jabber/XMPP IM account can also trigger events on incoming messages
IRC Acts as a client and enables reception and sending of messages on IRC
RSS Polling RSS feeds and firing an event when new feed items have been found
Twitter extended functionality limited functionality
Nagios Watches a Nagios instance for status changes and triggers events accordingly.
GitHub Connect to GitHub

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