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Intranet search

  • The most difficult part of implementing an intranet search engine is the gathering and processing of content, prior to indexing.
    • If not all content can be crawled, this may require the use of data connectors.
    • Some filtering of crawled pages may also be required to remove menu structures and page footers which could cause false-positives and irrelevant relevancy.
  • Depending on the data and user requirements, customised search navigation options are usually driven by meta data and require capturing metadata from the source and parsing it, or using some other automated way during the indexing process.
  • Most robust ready to go intranet search engines are highly capable and provide more than enough functionality for intranet sites. Yet the default “out-of-the-box” installation is rarely effective enough immediately, and there is some tuning and design work that is required to deliver a solution that matches the specific characteristics of the intranet being searched.

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