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People don't like change

There are always uncertainties around change. We really don’t know how things are going to go after the changes are put in place. Uncertainty is scary! We have to learn new processes, systems, and new ways of doing things. On top of everything else. What if the new system is impossible to use? What if I have to do more work after this change? What does it do for me? Worrying about whether people have concerns about any of the major problems and possible solutions in progress are on the top of our to-do lists. Indeed, people still don't like change, unless …

  • We make the transition as frictionless as possible, and the initial gains (simple, effective search) become immediately visible to its users.
  • There are additional gains to be had:
    • Combined with unsupervised and supervised learning, a dweb search engine can assist with anomaly detection (access from suspicious locations, local denial of service attacks spelling a structured attack on the network, probing of strange port addresses, unexpected downloads, viruses, spam) by ingesting router, switch, and other logs.
    • Combined with nlp capabilities for identifying what the question is, a search engine with stored knowledge graphs can answer natural language questions.
    • Being able to quickly identify, collect and produce electronically stored information in response to a request (GDPR compliance, litigation research).

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