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Data (ab)use and AI

Social theorist Jeremy Bentham's original projection for a panoptic prison, made it so a prisoner never knew if he was being watched. A circular prison with a single guard tower in the middle was the original blueprint for the structure. It seems we have created some heterarchical form of panopticon, where just about everybody is spying on everybody else from behind sunglasses, in particular big data corporations, in very organised and automated ways. The monitoring and de-anonymisation craze is everywhere.

  • Machine learning is a key component in technologies such as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. A computer is running the show.
  • Most of the current AI offerings on the market can identify associations in large quantities of data, but can not work out complex phenomena of cause and effect or identify modifiable factors that can engender desired outcomes. Yet. I don't know what is more dangerous, a world run by Black Rock Aladdin like machines as if they can, or development of machines that can and then making ourselves dependent on these even more.
  • ML is used to review large volumes of data and identify patterns and trends. An error, for example a faulty sensor generating a flawed data set, can cause rippling effects within a machine learning interface, because events subsequent to the error may be flawed, skewed or just plain undesirable. Errors do occur and it is a susceptibility that developers have thus far been unable to premeditate and negate consistently. Imagine, if people were to rely on these patterns and trends, how that can affect someone's life?

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