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Legal and regulatory risks

  • A centralised web helps governments make large corporations enforce rules and laws. In the dweb it isn't necessarily clear which country's laws apply to a particular website, if its content is hosted all around the world.
  • The jury is still out on whether the current push for more regulation will align with the dweb principles of responsibility or will actually place internet freedoms at risk.
  • Decentralised systems do not necessarily abolish unequal power structures, and instead replace one with an another power structure (co-option).
    • Bitcoin was designed to bypass traditional financial institutions and give people greater control over their money. Yet it seems to have devolved into an oligopoly, in which a large percentage of Bitcoin wealth is owned by a very small number of people.
    • Some dweb implementations have councils with a written policy for takedowns.
  • Companies that store and process credit card information tend to find it easier to meet legal requirements for data security with centralised IT systems.


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