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  • Blockchains rely on Proof of Work or Proof of Stake. These need many computations and as a result, the number of transactions per second is relatively low.
  • On hashgraph networks nodes do not have to validate transactions by Proof of Work or Proof of Stake. Consensus is built with the Gossip about Gossip and Virtual Voting techniques instead, increasing the number of transactions per second (at the cost of increasing throughput).
  • On DAG networks, for a transaction to succeed, it has to validate only two of the previous transactions, further increasing the possible number of transactions (at the cost of increasing throughput).
  • The distribution of locations in holochain relieves the network and gives it more space for scalability. Transactions over this network can attain millions of transactions per second (TPS).

Internet-facing gateways

For introducing distributed solutions and increasing chances of adoption, gateways to the web can and are used. For IPFS for example, Cloudflare has made an interesting gateway. Centralised and co-located decentralised search engines are forms of gateways. If used as permanent solutions, they can become a return to the old centralised solutions and/or a bottleneck.

  • A significant delay gets introduced because the gateway has to first retrieve the content from the IPFS network before serving it back to the user. If content is popular enough, the gateway node will cache that content so future requests don’t take as long. Requests after each garbage collection will still suffer the delay.
  • When a gateway increases its capabilities (and a search engine gateway its functionalities), its attractiveness also increases. Some possible solutions:
    • Not offering too much functionality. The Cloudflare gateway for example, banned video streaming.
    • Restricting access to the gateway by user authentication. A likely solution for dedicated IPFS-based collections with an internet facing gateway.
    • Users running their own nodes with some small, simple, user controlled local search function could be a solution for the public IPFS network.

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