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People don't like change

There are always uncertainties around change. We really don’t know how things are going to go after the changes are put in place. Uncertainty is scary! We have to learn new processes, systems, and new ways of doing things. On top of everything else. What if the new system is impossible to use? What if I have to invest more energy into more change after this change? What does it do for me? Worrying about whether people have concerns about any of the major problems and possible solutions in progress are increasingly at the top of to-do lists.

  • Installing and using IPFS for example, is not frictionless yet. Siderus Orion combined with IPFS-Companion make the process more user friendly but most people will not install two programs to have access to content on IPFS. Early adopters however, will.
  • Some people will not install a node due to not having enough storage space or fast emptying batteries (on mobile).
  • Not having enough incentive for changing existing habits (yet). For IPFS, Filecoin is an attempt at moving that along.
  • The distributed web is not widely known (yet). Gateways can be used to demonstrate distributed solutions, and come with a word of warning.
  • Distributed VPNs improve upon their traditional counterparts (a work in progress):
    • A user does not have to trust a single VPN company as a p2p network handles the encrypted traffic.
    • Distributed VPNs can make use of cryptocurrency payments to open the VPN market to buyers and sellers alike, and competing with file storage services like Sia and Filecoin and CDNs like NKN which also provide crypto incentives for p2p data transfer. Node operators have limited bandwidth, and ultimately, market forces will decide whether distributed VPNs are a profitable pursuit or not.
  • DTube, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network, gives users full control over revenue and content distribution.
  • Holochain, a network composed of various distributed ledger technology networks, liberates us from corporate control over our choices and information, and its use cases focus on social networks, chat programs, p2p platforms, and shared document updates.


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