Packages for python

Installing the python language server:

(search) [user]@[machine]:~/Development$ python -m pip install 'python-language-server[all]'
Collecting python-language-server[all]

Installing the atom IDE for python:

(search) [user]@[machine]:~/Development$ apm install atom-ide-ui
Installing atom-ide-ui to /home/nina/.atom/packages ✓
(search) [user]@[machine]:~/Development$ apm install ide-python
Installing ide-python to /home/nina/.atom/packages ✓

After which I had a duplicate linter in atom and deactivated Linter. Note: this IDE seems to be no longer supported.

Either install from the command-line with (Missing dependencies can be installed after opening atom):

$ apm install atom-python-virtualenv

Or from within Atom. Go to Settings (Via for example Install a package in the Welcome guide). Click on + Install and enter the package you are looking for, in this case atom-python-virtualenv

Its settings are to reflect the setup of the virtual environment (which is outside of project folders):

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