Gaming the system

This is a role-playing game.

Stop waiting for a better world that doesn't come. Wake up and revolutionize the way we do revolutions. It is time to game the system … Only for fun, and no harm done. A new role-playing game, under development and owned by the people playing it.

For a first version have a simple corporate hierarchy in a foreign context where there's resources (oil, minerals) to be had:

  • Mines in the “basement” where locals play Nim with “resource” heaps. Sometimes they're kept in the dark, literally, when the electricity bill isn't paid.
  • Production on “ground floor” where people make products from the resources the Nim players mined.
  • Corporate multinational leadership and management team on “first floor” receiving statistics on what's happening on the other floors and sending commands in return for making more profit - oh, there is that bank representative demanding monthly payments again, and the bill for the electricity ….
  • All people are also consumers of the production. If a player cannot afford to buy enough of the production per month, he or she “dies” (is taken out of the game).
  • Some more local people that, living on top of the resources, might get relocated while the local patriarch earns himself a car (or other social status enhancement).
  • There's a bank, and the company has a debt to pay in monthly payments.
  • A month is 15 minutes.

Run the game at least twice with widening inequality, or without and then with a bank (to simulate the effects of a growth economy), or as a corporation and as a cooperation, etc. Make some system diagrams.

Then during third run, ask workers on the bottom layers to “game the system”. Ask the groups separately. The miners do not know production people aren't happy either and vice versa when asked to “game the system”.

First game run ever is to play with the variables of the game for base-lining it.

  • Add pollution and waste factors that affect everybody living in the area.
  • Make a setup based on an opportunistic scenario (only suitable for very large groups, with enough experience from previous versions of the game, space and facilitators)