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Bertold Brecht: If sharks were people ...

Digital tampering with (alias morphing) — voice, video, and photo — is now readily available on personal computers. It is very simple to tamper with digital image, video or audio information and make it available to others.

  • Compositing is perhaps the most common form of digital tampering with images. Image morphing is a digital technique that gradually transforms one image into another image, and to increase the confusion on what is meant by using the word “morphing”, the term has been applied by non-specialists to refer to a broader class of digital tampering which is probably better referred to as re-touching.
  • Computer generated images can also be generated entirely by a computer and a skilled artist/programmer.
  • While “image enhancement” cannot fundamentally alter the appearance or meaning of an image (compositing, morphing and re-touching do alter), it can still have a subtle effect on the interpretation of an image – for example, simple enhancements can obscure or exaggerate particular image details, or alter the time of day in which the image appears to have been taken.
  • In addition to all of these, images and videos can have invisible alterations like digital watermarking for protecting copyright, and hidden files added by steganography applications.

'Digital morphing', altering what an image looks like, is in use in information warfare and has been on the rise, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Images with printed dates that do not match, or images delivered as “proof” of certain troops being “somewhere in the middle east” yet small letters on a sign in the background are in Hindu are easy to detect as having been tampered with. TinEye will show previously uploaded images of an indicated image on the net. If it isn't found by TinEye, it doesn't mean it isn't morphed. The image may be new (and altered), or not in it's database. But if an older version is found that is different, the image was morphed.

In which case you can use techniques for detecting digital tampering that work on the assumption that although digital forgeries may leave no visual clues that indicate tampering, they may alter the underlying statistics of an image.

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