CD-ROM/DVD file systems

ISO 9660 defines a media file system for different OS's.

  • The specification reserves the first 32768 bytes at the beginning of the disk for boot information on bootable disks.
  • Volume descriptors detail contents and kind of information that is on the disk. The primary VD acts much like the superblock of the UNIX system.
    • The first field in a VD is the volume descriptor type.
    • The second field is the standard identifier
    • Volume space size is the 8th field (how much data is on it)

For locating a file:

  • Browse
  • Use a precompiled table of paths

Rock Ridge Interchange protocol

Rock Ridge allows for longer filenames of any ASCII characters, except for the 0-byte and the slash (“/”). It also adds the file attributes specified by POSIX and allows for the use of symbolic links.

El Torito

El Torito allows machines to boot from a CD-ROM (with imaging).

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