Petty tyrants

The Auditors of Reality are the eternal watchers of time and space. Appearing as empty gray cloaks, they have no sense of humanity and all that it entails, whether it be humor or even a sense of singularity, which they particularly despise. Auditors think that to live is to die, and to be a specific person is to live, so an Auditor finds itself imploding if it so much as talks about itself in the first person. Auditors always speak of the "we". Auditors always work in groups of at least three, so that each one can be watched by at least two others. Supposedly all Auditors are of the same opinions about everything, but they still need to watch each other because, frankly, the temptation to live is too great.

Petty tyrants are tyrannical rulers or authoritarian persons who actually hold power over life or death of others, like we find in (covert) military operations and in leadership teams in governments and corporations. As adversaries, petty tyrants are quite the story.

Just a few governmental examples: