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Yet Another Alpha Complex

Technological advancements allowed state violence to be performed on a greater and more efficient scale, yet stealthy, extremely stealthy, close to formlessness. In fact, if they came for you, you wouldn't see them coming, while they see everything.

As a consequence of some never quite explained crisis, the major powers we associated with political power within the globalised world - The US, China, the EU, and Japan are no more. The world’s governments were replaced by a global “democratic” order in which a variety of corporate and some NGO based political groups compete with one another for electorally generated power.

A plethora of technological developments - facilitating deadlier weapons, genetic modifications resulting in various forms of mutants, new forms of oppression and violence, and a huge inequality gap between people and between what was left of “countries” - appeared. And of course, some hackers saw the apocralypse coming, collaborated to the best of their knowledge, and … built an Alpha Complex underground, to protect its citizens.

Welcome to Yet Another Alpha Complex, an adaptation of the infamous tabletop role-playing game Paranoia, moving it from tables in the US into life size simulations. Why? Because The Computer, still extremely paranoid and buggy, says so. And all of its citizens are its agents - as well as being mutants and members of secret societies and all kinds of intelligence agencies.

Under construction

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