Service groups

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Everybody in the Alpha Complex belongs to a service group of some description. Some people have a full-time job once the Complex runs, but still have strong links to the Service Group they worked for while building it. Other people are a bit like volunteer firemen - they work in a Service Group most of the time, and go on missions when The Computer needs them.

Either way, a Service Group will determine what skills a person starts out with (and not the other way around, so yes, this is decided for you). The Service Groups are:

Internal Security IntSec are the (internet) police of Alpha Complex. While some officers openly display the fact they are in IntSec, many are undercover. Hack teams may sometimes have IntSec officers in their midst, but they will always pretend to be from another service group.
Technical servicesTech Services are the makers of the Alpha Complex. They tend to have good knowledge of things electrical and digital, like setting up and maintaining the networks, but they are unlikely to know how to reprogram or hack The Computer (before you go getting ideas). The roles of Tech Services and Power Services tend to overlap to some extent.
Research & Design While Tech Services make things around Alpha Complex, it is R&D who actually invent things in the first place. People from R&D tend to be reasonably good at hacking some things (but are not as skilled as a Tech Services engineer), but tend to be better at doing research and discovering new vulnerabilities and novel ideas than their Tech Services counterparts.
CPU Central Processing Unit look after the day-to-day running of The Computer, and tends to be rather bureaucratic. Only the highest members of CPU are likely to have any computer programming skills though. Having said that, CPU engineers tend to be skilled at using computer terminals to search for information quickly.
Power ServicesPower Services look after the amenities (water, electricity, sewage, ventilation, etc) and associated cabling and piping within Alpha Complex. Sometimes a Power Services engineer will know a route out of somewhere (or into somewhere) involving cabling ducts or ventilation shafts.
PLCProduction, Logistics and Commissary are responsible for agricultural and industrial production, along with the allocation of resources. Hack teams normally visit PLC to be allocated equipment before going out on a mission.
Armed Forces The army. Their job is to provide Alpha Complex with military protection.
HPD & MC Housing Preservation and Development & Mind Control look after the running of Alpha Complex when it comes to paperwork. The HPD part involves making sure everybody has somewhere to live (and that they've filled out the right forms to get it). The MC part ensures their minds are pure by providing quality vidscreen mind-controlling entertainment from (mainly) the surveillance data. Think what it would be like if the bureaucrats ran all the TV stations. That's what HPD&MC is like.

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