Research & Design

Throughout history, technological advances have brought with them new (security) challenges, to which every society has had to adapt. The Alpha Complex for example, went underground to protect its citizens, while believing that further technological advancement would continue to improve living conditions in an almost utopian way.

R&D, also known as Research & Design in the Alpha Complex, concerns itself with activities in connection with innovation, although The Computer is very weary of “improvements” applied to itself. Research & Design constitutes the first stage of development of potential new information and communication technology services or products that support the Rule of The Computer.

While Tech Services make things around Alpha Complex, it is R&D who actually invent things in the first place. People from R&D tend to be reasonably good at hacking some things (but are not as skilled as Tech Services engineers), but tend to be better at doing research and coming up with new vulnerabilities and novel ideas than their Tech Services counterparts.

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