The intense negative feelings government bureaucracies evoke in the people caught in their web not only spring from their imposing structures, impersonality, and the murky rules, but are reinforced by the sheer magnitude of the apparatus.

  • Directly or indirectly, each bureaucrat relies on the power of government enforcement agencies.
  • In a sense, bureaucrats resemble the members of a secret society, a brotherhood of sorts.
  • Normal people acting within the framework of a bureaucratic system that has access to modern techniques of action and control.

Enforcement agencies, bureaucrats and citizens fearing being singled out and targeted, are the three elements that combine to enable a bureaucracy to function as a horribly destructive entity whose powers can be directed at any person or group that attracts its attention.

Luckily, the citizens of the Alpha Complex escaped all of that.

In the Alpha Complex, Housing Preservation and Development & Mind Control (HPD&MC) look after the running of Alpha Complex when it comes to the paperwork. The HPD part involves making sure everybody has somewhere to live (and that they've filled out the right forms to get it). The MC part ensures their minds are pure by providing quality (vidscreen) mind-controlling entertainment. Think what it would be like if the bureaucrats ran all the TV stations. That's what HPD & MC is like.