The Computer is a bit of a stickler for naming conventions. HPD&MC supports the naming conventions strongly, because it makes everything so much easier. No ambiguities, no duplicates. Every citizen's name contains a first name, their security clearance, the name of the sector they originated from (all sector names are 3 letters long) and their current clone number. Examples:

  • Phant-U-SIM-1 - High Programmer
  • Eat-U-CRN-1 - High Programmer
  • Notwot-U-SIM-1 - High Programmer
  • Pa-V-SIM-1 - Technical Services
  • Broo-V-CRN-1 - HPD&MC
  • Intertr-I-BAL-2
  • Cann-I-BAL-3
  • Div-I-SIM-2
  • Peppe-R-CRN-6

Infrared citizens often leave the security clearance letter from their name, since technically they do not have any security clearance.