Typical missions

Missions can involve almost anything, almost all of which are designed to get players killed. For instance:

  • Hunting suspected mutants.
  • Hunting members of secret societies. This gets more complicated when you're supposed to hunt your own secret society.
  • Exploring or gathering resources from the Outdoors, the area outside Alpha Complex. Knowledge of Outdoors is treasonous and punishable by death, although that rarely stops the Computer from sending people there anyways … and then killing them for actually having done so.
  • Testing weapons, software, equipment, gadgets and things from the R&D division. Since the most widely available soda in Alpha Complex actually explodes if it is shaken too hard, you can imagine how dangerous this stuff usually ends up being.
  • Hacking Corporation Inc. We all depend on the corporate network and server(s), therefore it is important to keep an eye on it and its people.
  • Hackers normally get a mission alert first. This is a printed sheet of paper which tells them where to report for their briefing. Sometimes the mission alert will also give a few details of the mission. Occasionally these details may even be correct.
  • Once the team has found their briefing space and briefing officer, they are given details of their mission. Missions normally involve a report of some hack somewhere. The Hackers normally have to gain access, find a piece of information, sometimes exploit a vulnerability if possible, and report on the mission.
  • Having been briefed, the Hackers head off to PLC (Production, Logistics and Commissary) for some equipment. This will normally include PC's and/or USB sticks and various other things which The Computer thinks are appropriate for the mission. (Although the Hackers will often find that PLC has lumbered them with stuff they simply want to get rid of).
  • Next it's off to R&D (Research & Design) for some experimental equipment. The Computer believes that R&D is a valuable department and that they should be encouraged. While R&D do a lot of their work in the lab, there is no substitute for field testing. Hacker teams are well suited for this sort of work since they are facing new challenges every day anyway. (It's rumoured that a high-clearance citizen in IntSec managed to convince The Computer that Hacker teams were better suited to R&D testing than members of IntSec).
  • Now it's time for the Hackers to go off on their mission. Sometimes they never get this far, having managed to lose most of their clones on the way to R&D (or sometimes while in R&D).
  • Eventually the citizens will return from their mission (or more likely get wiped out). Should they return, they report and are debriefed. This quite often turns into a finger-pointing session where Hackers blame each other for various failures during the mission. Traitors are terminated. Loyal citizens are rewarded with credits, promotion, or both. Needless to say, this is rare.

Clones have no memory of experiences of previous clones

A hacker got killed by being pushed down an incinerator chute. His replacement turned up with no memory of what had happened. The mission continued. The citizen later made the rather unfortunate mistake of saying to a team-mate “Why should I trust you? You pushed my last clone down the incinerator”. A brief discussion followed, where the clone was asked how he could possibly know that. This was followed by accusations of mutation and a (brief) firefight. The next clone turned up a few minutes later. The citizen wasn't impressed.

Not going anywhere fast

In our mission team we had a citizen who was completely new to Paranoia. Just about 20% into the mission he was already onto his 5th clone, 2 of these were lost during the mission briefing. I won't go through how he lost all of his clones but just 1 in particular. After his first 4 clones had died most horribly, his 5th one rejoined the mission:

Right, now I'm angry because you lot have just killed of all my clones and you lot are still on your first clones! How do you know that we killed all your clones? I don't know, I must have some sort of psychic connection with them or something! Mutant! *ZAP ZAP* Frazzle frazzle *smell of fried hacker* Let that be a lesson.