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-====== Open Space ======+====== Open space ======
 [[|{{ :en:facilitation:open-space:boscop.jpg|Boscop Open Space on Open Space}}]] [[|{{ :en:facilitation:open-space:boscop.jpg|Boscop Open Space on Open Space}}]]
-Based on Chaos Theory, the Theory of the Self-Organizing System and the Concept of Complex Adaptive Systems, Open Space Technology stands out from and surpasses all other approaches in the realm of transformationIt relies on the “invisibility” of the facilitator, presence of an overall theme and absence of a  prefixed agendaapparent lack  of  structure  and  control,  welcoming  of  both  conflict  and  surprise  and  reliance  on  the  individual’s  responsibility  and  participation+In order for an organisation to be aligned with effective security programs, the communications of measurables and observables need to be tailored to the various people within the organisationThis means providing related but different views to different people while facilitating agreement on success criteria at the planning stages of implementing security program. If this has not been carried out alreadyit is vital that as many people as possible from the organisation get together to set these expectations. An excellent way to start this is with an Open Space meeting
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