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(W)HRD, Land, Nature and Earth rights defenders

Colourful teaming is a simulation where people with an ecocentric mindset (and experience with being marginalised) and with digital hacking/security skills (yet not on the front-line at the moment), team up with (W)HRD, Land, Nature and Earth rights defenders, to emulate the most likely attacks and best defences for that specific context.

This also requires studying that particular context in detail (who they are up against, local laws, etc.) and profiling the most likely adversaries. Results can be used to build local detection and incident response, for building and updating the coalition knowledge base of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP's) used by (W)HRD, Land, Nature and Earth rights defender adversaries and finding evidence for launching court cases against adversaries.

Being not-for-profit people, we work with minimal funding and if you lack the resources to call us in, we can also help you write a funding request and contact potential funding NGO's.

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