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I oppose censorship

Children's Fire (passion) is the excitement of knowledge that works. The thirst for knowing, the desire to learn and figure things out, in many directions, many areas, anywhere, anytime. Crossing Children's Fire is incredibly serious and can happen on two levels:

  • When understanding and free will is blocked: censorship, self-censorship, restricting freedom of speech, assembly and the right to protect ourselves - induced by, for example, dragnet surveillance programs, targeted surveillance, and other such social control mechanisms as a means to making and keeping others (and in the case of self-censorship oneself) dependent.
  • When an individual deliberately, with malicious forethought and an absence of remorse, murders another human, and every time a group uses civil, social, criminal and religious laws to restrict an individual's right to life and the resources available on this planet to maintain that life.

Freedom of speech and expression is especially worthy of protection when it comes in the form of a song, a poem, or a joke. Artists and satirists form one of the watchdog communities necessary in every democracy. They criticize injustice, question the status quo, offer new forms of thought, and collectively speak to all citizens regardless of age or social class.

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