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The point of any economic system is to provide for the needs of the people who participate. Industrial capitalism is not designed for that, instead it is designed to allow individuals to compete with one another in order to maximise personal wealth (and escape having to care). How this affects everyone else is apparently, largely beside the point, and it dominates the world. Doubt it? Have a look at the “economic indicators” for “how well” an economy is doing. None of those have anything to do with the millions of people that are not having enough food, shelter or healthcare, or with communal services falling apart, or with the degradation or destruction of the planet and its inhabitants. We are living in a systemic insanity based on fantastically insupportable assumptions.


The practice of converting humans, nature and everything else into commodities to keep the economy growing … Ravenous runs of it


We live in a social and economic order and ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts. If it is there, you must use it, do it?

Planned obsolescence

The development of products with a planned limited lifespan so that it becomes obsolete after a certain period of time. Information asymmetry


Any substance which is discarded after primary (or subsequent) use, or is considered worthless, or defective or no longer of use to us … The entire planet going to waste

War technology

Information warfare is the manipulation of information trusted by a target without the target's awareness … How on earth we got there?

Deep state

Labelled a conspiracy theory, it is often not researched, while there may be much to discover in that context. A deep state of mind


Did I mention the fantastically insupportable assumptions yet? Of course … winter is coming

Help wanted!

We need an economic system designed to meet the needs of all beings for whom this planet is home. Message from the future

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