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Duality refines control

The separation of the brain into two hemispheres is an evolutionary very old mechanism. Most animals have it. They support each other's function and attention comes before function, before “things”.

How do we understand the world, if there are different versions of it to reconcile? Is it important which models and metaphors we bring to bear on our reality? And, if it is, why has one particular model come to dominate us so badly that we hardly notice its pervasiveness? ~ The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World, McGilchrist

Evolution of brains

The separation of the hemispheres, the frontal expansion, the nature of attention, and context of understanding for being in the world

Pandora's box

The by humans conceptualised parts of the brain, for the purpose of making connections to How and What


What if the left hemisphere becomes so dominant that it suppresses the right hemisphere's world altogether? What could be possible effects of that?

Emotional processing

Activation of the brain, specifically in the limbic system, seem to be associated with some “basic” emotions. What? How?

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