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Big Brother

A new genus of crapitalism that monetizes data acquired through surveillance is subjugating the planet. A chilling exposé of business models underpinning the digital world. What about its social effects? Where is it heading? It may be impossible to take the long view of what is happening, and hindsight may be the only exact science in this business, but we can gather data too (without becoming the petty tyrant we fight), and take appropriate action in the moment.

The biggest difficulty for any whistleblower is finding a journalist who has the time to do the work, especially in data abuse cases because the issues are complex and often requires specialised data science knowledge. And usually, an editor, publisher or producer must also approve it. In some countries, risk of defamation can cause a publisher to not proceed with stories.

  • We offer whistleblowers various verification, research, expert networking, and other resources not currently widely available from credible actors who are not beholden to existing media gatekeepers, and have people in our core team that have had first-hand experience with what can happen, and know which types of internal issues and power dynamics a whistleblower could be subjected to.
  • We support campaigns of privacy analysts, journalists, lawyers, activists, scientists and law makers to meaningfully improve data protection/privacy under surveillance capitalism, and to help identify and implement technological, social and political remedies to some of its worst consequences for real people with real lives.

We never underestimate the possibility of creating change without necessarily doing it in the public eye. Publication might not be the endgame in every case.

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