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This wiki is where I am leaving a trail (left and right) of controversy, laughter, more questions than I answered, glowing clouds, happiness, joy, digital footprints, linux commands, cheat sheets, injured ego's (including my own), breadcrumbs, stick women and men, memes, lighters, metadata, code snippets, mulched grass, cut hedges, herbs and edible flower seeds, smoke, items I forgot, and in general, a lot of good wholesome confusion. It is unseriously serious, yet not frivolous. It's my notebook.

Recent changes

Tracking exposed

A new genus of crapitalism that monetizes data acquired through surveillance is subjugating the planet. A chilling exposé of the business model that underpins the digital world. What about its social effects? Where is it heading? It may be impossible to take the long view of what is happening, and hindsight may be the only exact science in this business, but we can gather data too (without becoming the petty tyrant we fight), and take appropriate action in the moment.


Search engines

My search results are catalogued and referenced. When I do searches, I am bombarded by advertisements that seemingly reference my previous search preferences. The algorithms are way beyond understanding for most. Search engine security is one of the most poorly understood aspects of search engines and because of vulnerable security policies, are excellent tools for attacking machines anonymously, search for easy targets or gather confidential data.

Time to understand, evaluate and choose again?

The Interplanetary File System (IPFS), a peer-to-peer distributed file system (that enables users to transfer files from other users’ computers to their own, and vice versa), is gaining ground as a possible replacement for the http protocol. It is giving hope to dreams of an open, trustworthy and reliable internet for all.

But without useful tools to browse and explore this new system, it won’t take off.

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