/ut7 est une coopérative auto-gérée par ses salariés, une société de conseil en informatique et un organisme agréé de formation. Elle héberge depuis 2008 un collectif de programmeurs expérimentés se réclamant du mouvement des méthodes agiles de développement logiciel, et disposant d'une très solide expertise sur le sujet. The group operates in the intersection between technology and politics. Search engine for IPFS
  • Small NGO organisations which are working to protect freedoms as described in the ICCPR and/or digital privacy as described in the GDPR.
  • Small businesses and independents with a focus on autonomy enhancing products and services, for example on passing on permaculture practices or on supporting equally privileged, equipotent participants in collaborative goals.

IT businesses, especially the security sector, over-charge the public sector and it annoys the %$#@ out of me, hence I set a not-for-profit price point for NGO's, and for everybody else my price is negotiable and depends on state and purpose of client and my personal (financial) state. In some cases where lives are at stake and people already marginalised to the point of having no resources at all, for example in the case of land right defenders for whom there is no funding available, my service can even be for free, just contact me. And in all cases, if learning is required to provide a service, in no way does a client ever pay for such learning hours, only for the actual service.

Selling without the siren song of certainty is a hard sell, not an impossible sell. Those that want to pay a lot for false feelings of certainty and security based on impressive on-the-spot wizardry are better off elsewhere. Small organisations that want service with integrity, to the best of my abilities and to be informed of its limitations, possible errors and omissions, for a decent hourly rate that doesn't rip wallets to shreds, contact me.

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