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Yet another team

Taking it from gender and roles:

  • I do not wish for mental and power games. I do not wish to steal others' time and energy, and I guard mine. Respectful negotiations and keeping promises will do, and if promises can not be kept, those affected need to be informed and be given a choice. All open on the table.
  • I do not wish to compete. I wish to collaborate in solidarity.
  • I like to get things done.
  • I consider a sound strategy and an excellent project plan essential.
  • Likewise, I wish to value all of the work needed to get things done, not just what is in the business/grant plan.
  • I wish to work together with other women that also have a voice, or wish to practice their voice.
  • Power as a verb.
  • A lot of role overlap and shared responsibility and accountability.

Hence, an all-women team in which women returning to and women starting with programming, can come and play and form their own templates of how to get things done. Other genders also welcome, including men interested in finding other templates.

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