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Laws, conventions and treaties

  1. After 9/11, with increasing technological capabilities and global data flows, national security powers (of nearly all nation states, if not all) have been getting stronger.
  2. The digital revolution made it easier than ever for governments to practice surveillance on a massive scale. Governments seem to be exploiting it and using the fear of terrorism as ‘legislative magic wand’ for demanding more information (and support for their efforts, for the good of all).
  3. As Internet-based services became globalised, surveillance in one country affecting citizens of another, and intelligence services aiding each other and trading data has flourished. It raised many red flags, for example in Europe.
  4. A transition from covertly and illegally built power (bypassing laws that would have required oversight) to overtly legalised power for intelligence agencies seems to be happening without much attention and public debate.

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