Getting started

>>> import funniest

Yes, yes, and *that* with an MIT license!

Environment, basics, ...

Natural language processing

It is easy to get large bodies of linguistic data. What can be done with it? Simple programs? Python constructs? What tools and techniques does Python provide for such work? Interesting challenges of natural language processing? Pitfalls?

Fooling around ...

Data mining

Don't take my data mining seriously. I certainly don't. I do it for demystification of “De-anonymizing Social Networks”, for showing how easy it really is, and for upgrading my ancient programming skills to python.

Bet on it

What is traded off is optimality, completeness, accuracy, or precision, in order to gain speed (or a solution).

Optimisation heuristics

A shortcut used for solving a problem when classic methods are too slow, or for finding an approximate (“good enough”) solution when classic methods fail to find any exact solution.

Con figure

Paper systems are extremely re-useful for simplifying and grounding the basics, and gives me the benefit of having to consider my word choice such that I can not fly over the subject.


Graphs can be used to model types of relations and processes in physical, biological, social and information systems. The term network is sometimes defined as a graph, and the subject that expresses and understands real-world systems as a network is called network science.

Discover ...

Make it as small as possible

A paper system architecture

A paper system of a microcomputer: a small computer with a microprocessor as its central processing unit (CPU), memory, and minimal input/output (I/O) circuitry mounted on a single printed circuit board.

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Make it as small as possible

A paper operating system

Resource allocation and scheduling, a file system, I/O, networking, memory management and an interface between the machine hardware and the operating system, a kernel.

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You can either hang out in the Android Loop or the HURD loop.

Building an operating system

This is a hobby project. Programming to learn more about general purpose operating systems.

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