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From scratch is a repository for:

  • Updating our ancient programming skills to be useful for coding in python (3.7)
  • Discovering the most awkward books in python's library
  • Learning to deal with pycharm (2020.2)
  • Scratching our pentesting itches
  • Shaking down django (3.1.2) and PostgreSQL by creating a dashboard for some pentesting scripts
  • Grokking git and github and tracking each others blundering about with a grin on our faces

The one not to scrap is our first engine with which we intend to explore:

  • Searching across documents.
  • Content suggestions using relevancy-ranked list of results.
  • Relevancy ranking, which can also be used for personalisation of results and adding preferences (boosting the most common query completions).

… And a lot of data consists of unstructured, natural language content. By previous pigeon-holing of content, searching and combining of items can be a very expensive undertaking. Does not have to be. A non-exhaustive growing list of possibly interesting use cases for support beyond the usual:

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