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Project management

True innovations (transforming ideas) come from:

  • experiencing what is currently there (grounding)
  • a playful mind
  • guarding thinking critically (not believing blindly any “new direction” and playing devil's advocate a lot)
  • not liking musty status quo (the blind trust in internet routing, the abuse of our data and the from these resulting lack of privacy and security on the internet)
  • using our own learning and development speed while following our noses

We surf chaos. That doesn't mean we do not strategise or plan. From the famous Mythical Man Month by Fred Brooks Jr., the idea of the plan is that you'll throw one away anyway, so you may as well plan to do so. Plan to achieve something worthwhile in half the time, throw it away, then rebuild what has to be a better version, given the advantages of hindsight. Brooks recanted later:

“This I now perceived to be wrong, not because it is too radical, but because it is too simplistic. The biggest mistake in the 'Build one to throw away' concept is that it implicitly assumes the classical sequential or waterfall model of software construction.”

What if we were to build something as quickly as possible, a version that we can modify as needed in the future and base a grounded planning on?

That was the plan: To be able to focus on the data models and coding by using Django, a Python-based web application framework, which follows the model-template-view (MTV) architectural pattern. As for the resulting chaos, we had to scrap, shred, junk, toss out, and ditch one two three four efforts to get the framework for the one not to scrap working without having ImportErrors (due to various causes).

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