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Art of focused conversation

Examples of applying it in questions for surveillance capitalism tracking exposed which may be helpful for designing and evaluating our own pipeline process.

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Threat Modelling

That's where the fruit is.

Take that shot

Scenario planning

Scenario planning is a way of understanding the dynamics that are shaping the future.

For strategic planning, it stands out for its ability to capture a whole range of possibilities in rich detail.

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Systems thinking

Systems thinking is more than just a handy collection of tools and methods to explore complex systems with – it is also an underlying philosophy, an awareness of the role of structure in creating what we face, of powerful patterns operating on us, and of consequences of our actions.

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Paranoia without going into protectionism can be healthy

Satir based organisational development

The aim here is to assist in clarifying choices which fit well with vision and security needs of an organisation. This includes facilitating discovery of (alternative) decision pathways. Additional assessments and interviewing can be used, especially where people have doubts about the accuracy of assessments already done.

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Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology is especially suitable where communications of measurables and observables need to be tailored to the various people within the organisation and related yet different views need to be bridged while facilitating agreement on success criteria for the definition, implementation and maintenance of security policies.

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Montessori based workshops

Not all Montessori methods and materials are effective for adult learning, and what can always be used are the principles of respect, education at ones' own speed and learning via hands-on activities. Workshops based on that not only teach a subject thoroughly, they can start a powerful learning cycle.

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Under Construction: Yet Another Alpha Complex

Roleplay! COMPLETeLY tongue in cheek.

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